Saturday, 25 October 2008

Arsenal's Adebayor: "Money Is Killing Football"

Togolese International Emmanuel Adebayor has claimed that “money is killing football”, with the Arsenal striker also suggesting that some players are making decisions on where they play based on finance rather than football.

The Gunners forward had been heavily linked with a move away from the Emirates Stadium during the summer, with European giants AC Milan and Barcelona both interested in the former Monaco player.

Adebayor said at the launch of FIFA 09:, “Money is killing the spirit of the game. I don't want to mention a name here, but good players are made to be in a great team.

“And most of the players are not in a bad team, but they are not in their right place or position. Money is killing football because some people are making the decision because of money.

However, Adebayor insists that had his motivation been for money rather than footballing reasons he would be at the San Siro or the Nou Camp now.

“If I had made my decision because of money, I would not be at Arsenal. I would have been in Milan or Barcelona. You know how I could be earning a lot more money than I am earning here,” he said.

“I made my decision because I love playing for Arsenal and don't regret anything.”

Adebayor came in for some stick from sections of the Emirates crowd over his mooted exit from the Premier League club, but the striker now believes he has won the fans over and is adamant that reports in the summer surrounding his future with the Gunners were wide of the mark.

“I think I've won the fans back and they can't ask me to do any more. I'm fighting for the team, I love playing for Arsenal and at the moment we're in good shape,”, added Adebayor.

“I've done quite well in my career so far, but I'm still empty-handed. I now want to fill my hands with trophies, which is the reason I stayed at Arsenal. I want to repay them.

“It didn't hurt me when the fans booed as I knew what had been happening and that I'm an innocent guy. If they booed me and I didn't know why, I'd be upset.

“But I knew people had been saying I was leaving and wanted to leave, so I understood. But it never came from me and there's no one that can say today 'Adebayor told me he wanted to leave'.”

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