Sunday, 31 August 2008

No Fairytale Ending, Football Ain't Disney


With the transfer window about to close manager’s of the smaller clubs in the Premier League can alert the local cardiology units that they wont be needing them until January. Safe in the knowledge that they have kept all their players, who were never good enough to play at the very highest level.

While on the other hand the bigger clubs are selling all the players they have identified as not being the complete article. So this begs the question if the lesser players keep arriving at the lesser clubs and the better players keep going the other way, surely we end up with something we are well along the road to anyway.

Don’t be fooled by my team Spurs winning the League Cup or Championship side Cardiff City losing to Pompey in the FA Cup final and think ‘ah the romance is still there’, because when it’s time for the Premiership normal service has been resumed.

Yes nothing spectacular, Arsenal even lost to Fulham, yet there they are in the mix, 3 games played and if United win their game in hand the table takes a familiar look once again. But, I hear you cry Everton and Tottenham have finished in 5th for the last four seasons, a breakthrough is imminent, in fact this season, yes this season.

Well, who would be best placed to tell you exactly how imminent the prising apart of the ‘Big Four’ might be? Maybe a bookmaker, after all they offer their money on this sort of thing for a livelihood. So what do they think?

Quite conclusive really, Liverpool 4th favourites to win the Premier League @ 13-2. While if you think the trophy will end up at White Hart lane they seem happy to offer 66-1 almost everywhere on Tottenham. And you don’t see many poor bookmakers or bookies with closing down signs on the window for that matter.

So you see, while we can dream and hope that one of the teams outside of the 'Big Four' might just make it into the Champions League places. That idea at the moment really is more Mickey Mouse than reality and if you do disagree then I hope you find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow your chasing and keep believing that there can be a Crystal Palace In Wonderland.

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