Sunday, 2 November 2008

Newcastle Boss Kinnear Warns Wait Until You Hear The Truth About Keegan

Interim Newcastle United boss Joe Kinnear has revealed that the Toon army may turn against one of their favourite sons Kevin Keegan when statements about the former Magpies manager departure at Newcastle come to light.

Keegan was idolised at St James’ Park, both as a player and a manager of the North East club, with his decision to quit Newcastle in early September leading to fans calling for owner Mike Ashley to step down as chairman at the Premier League club.

Ashley promptly put Newcastle up for sale, with the sports magnate claiming that he no longer felt it was safe to watch the Magpies play with his family at St James’ Park, while insisting that he had invested sensibly in the club to ensure its long-term stability.

However, Kinnear has now come out and suggested that the Newcastle fans might look at Ashley in a different light once the facts surrounding Keegan’s departure emerge.

“I could tell you lots of things about (Keegan’s departure),” he told The News of the World.

“You will have to wait and see. You might be pleasantly surprised.

“You are making an assumption, like most of the journalists up here, and 75 percent of you are wrong.

“Wait until you see the statements. That is all I am saying. All will be revealed.

“Maybe Mike Ashley will be accepted. Maybe he will come back and won’t sell the place. Maybe he’ll invest in the club.

“Who knows? It only needs the team to go on a small run and people will easily forget.

“I am saying ‘forget’, but I don’t know what the man has done.

“It is difficult. He’s put £240 million into the club and he can’t come and watch the team, but he could make peace with the fans.

“It isn’t all of them. He hasn’t been given a fair crack of the whip by the press.

“He is a down-to-earth fella who loves his football. His kids love it.

“I don’t know what mistakes he has made because I haven’t been here to look at them.”

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