Monday, 20 October 2008

Arsenal Boss Wenger Blasts FA Ruling On Agents

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has blasted the Football Association for their new ruling on agent’s fees in the Premier League, with the FA now deciding that the players must pay the fees and not the club. A ruling that Gunners boss Wenger claims could make top players reconsider any move to the Premiership.

Until the recent ruling by the FA, clubs were used to paying any remuneration of wages when a player signed, but now due to the FA rule change it will be the players themselves that have to hand over any fees to their representatives. Something the Emirates chief is adamant the players do not want to do.

Wenger is fearful that the Premier League will miss out on the stars of the game due to the new ruling, which the Frenchman feels will see any prospective stars choosing La Liga in Spain or Serie A in Italy because of the new rule.

The Arsenal boss has also insisted that unless the FA change the rule back quickly, the Premier League will suffer as a consequence.

“The rule change for agents doesn't work at all. It is one of the worst rules created since I have been in England,” Wenger told The People.

“Agents don't want to move players to England because they don't want to be paid by the players.

“The FA have to act quickly to change this rule back to how it was.

“What we did well in England was that we paid the agents over the period of a player's contract.”

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